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The products and the components derived from wood used in construction can be of various types but all arise from the sawing, the peeling and slicing, shredding or defibration from the log of trees of spruce, pine, larch or chestnut, which represent tree species most used for structural purposes of Italian arboriculture. From mechanical squaring of the log can be extracted either monolithic elements with rectangular sections having different ratios of width / height (with heart or out heart), and elements thin as plates, strips or moral. The thin elements can then be joined together with a specific glue, with screw (mechanical) or with links made ​​of structural steel, to give rise to a monolithic element reassembled. Assembling more elements you can build the frame of a residential unit or an entire building. It should also be considered the easy processability, because so much in the factory as in the pipeline, it can be easily perforated, cut, milled and planed, and the ability to be dry assembled, which improves the reliability and cost of installation, in addition to ensuring the cleaning of the yard. Walnut Wooden Cherry Wooden Oak Wooden Chestnut Wooden Ash Wooden Maple Wooden Poplar Wooden Beech Wooden

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