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Thanks to the considerable experience we have acquired over the years, LA VALVARAITA LEGNAMI has specialized itself in the production of chestnut and oak solid wood carpentry. The natural and genuine beauty of wood, its warmth, its many colour shades, its resistance and being moth-proof over time make it irreplaceable in all its applications. Your home can be one of a kind thanks to the use of wood, either alone or associated with other natural materials such as stone or terracotta.

In order to enhance the characteristics of each type of timber, beams are manufactured according to rigorous and ancient principles: the trees are in fact felled when the “moon is good” to avoid moths. The logs are then left to rest in the yard for about a year to allow for the first key drying. Each beam is obtained from one single log to avoid cutting the “heart”, that is the central part of the log, as this would cause abnormal curving and splitting.

Chestnut beams are processed “River use”, that is when the log is thickness-sanded with the corners left rough and debarked later on. This type of processing is rough, very similar to that of beams found on ancient properties that were manually sawed and stripped. Chestnut wood is usually employed when renovating old country houses or mountain chalets for its vintage look.

Oak beams are cut on four flushes meaning that the log is reduced to a squared rectangle, after which the edges are axed down. It is very important to completely remove the sapwood, otherwise, in time, wood moths might set in. Oak beams have a more regular shape and are used both in renovations and for new constructions.


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