The company is specialized in the processing of all European hardwood and personally follows all the processing phases starting from the selection of the logs in the forest, which is personally carried out in the country of origin by the owner Mr. Giuseppe Ballatore. The growing location of every single tree is very important: it allows us to know beforehand the distinctive characteristics, the different behaviours during processing and the best use of the timber that will be obtained.

The experience we gained over more than sixty years in this field and constant monitoring during testing in the forests allow us to recognize the best features of wood in European forests and to make a careful and competent selection of raw materials.

Thanks to the modern machinery in our plant, the timber undergoes various processing phases: debarking, sawing, edging, steaming and drying, initially in covered storage areas and then in drying kilns. The resulting product is further processed, if expressively required, in order to satisfy the customer’s final specifications.

The company also has a large covered area used for storing the timber and ensuring our customers the best assortment of ready-for- use mature wood. The following types of wood are always available in our warehouse: Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, steamed Cherry, Pear, Elm, steamed Acacia, steamed European Walnut, steamed American Black Walnut, steamed Beech, White Ash, Olive Ash, Maple, European Lime, Poplar, Tulipier, Cedar, Cypress, Birch, Siberian Larch, in several thicknesses according to national and international customer requirements.

Over the last years, our company strategy has been aimed more and more at creating finished products for the construction and joinery industries. In particular, we have developed a range of solid wood Parquet floorings designed to satisfy the requirements of our refined and demanding customers, to whom we offer high quality products which we personally monitor in all the processing phases, especially the drying, as it is key to ensure stability in parquet floorings.

We have parquet boards in all types of wood available in stock: 15mm thick for glued laying and 22mm for nailed laying, up to 2000mm long and 180mm wide.

We have begun producing two or three layer laminated wood for the manufacturing of solid window and door frames, and, for the most demanding joineries, we offer a number of prefinished pieces sold in fixed sizes in the most usual measurements used by the majority of furniture and kitchen manufacturers: this ensures our final customers a reduction in costs as we are able to keep our processing waste to the minimum.

Over these past years of great changes, all our work has been devoted to providing maximum final customer satisfaction and at the same time to researching the best possible solutions for making optimum use of the main raw material: wood, a precious asset that must be used as such, but above all it must be preserved to avoid depletion.

In line with this key company philosophy, La Valvaraita Legnami, since ever friendly towards the environment and the ecosystem, was the first company in Piedmont, and one of the first in Italy, to create a drying and steaming plant for wood with a biomass-fuelled boiler that uses waste from the initial processing phase.

This, added to the fact that our suppliers, who mainly are forestry departments in the countries of origin, guarantee a selected origin of the goods and, above all, reforestation in felled areas, allows us to limit to the maximum level the environmental impact of our activity.

In order to reach this important result, it is essential that, starting from the logs in the forest, we get maximum benefit from all their potential: this is why we have decided to create various product lines, to avoid wasting such an important raw material.

Getting to the point, this is what characterizes our way of working, namely the love and passion of someone who has always “breathed” the essence of wood, and is adamant to make it available to those who love its beauty and preciousness.

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